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We use technology, design and systems thinking to tackle global sustainability & financing challenges.

Let’s build a resilient and sustainable economy

We operate a trusted network that enables the impact-driven economy through the valorization of positive actions and accountability for negative externalities. We help to close the funding gap for Sustainable Development Goals by providing enhanced insight into impact through mobilization and transparency of data in the global value chain.

Transform verifiable individual impact actions into assets valued by funds and impact investors

Impact assets traceability

End to end traceability and proof of positive impacts issued by smart citizens for investors to improve reporting and create new asset classes.

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Impact network

Distributed registries, decentralized identity, digital inclusion, and governance, use digital innovation to create disruptive sustainable city projects on a common trustable network that enables a new kind of positive value creation for communities, companies, and citizens.

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A global platform to transform impact investments into impact assets

Cutting-edge technologies
to deliver breakthrough value creation

Invest in proven impacts

We help investors leverage their impact data with interoperable networks that
provide transparency and traceability on investments made

Start an impact project

SmartB provide an extensive network when you can create decentralized applications involving all stakeholders in the governance process

Enable long term innovation in sustainable projects

Become our partner and integrate governance tools, full digital identity , decentralized credentials management, data access and authorizations solutions, create native GPDR compliant projects, manage and value data ownership

Value your tech for good application

Produce proof of impact with your applications. Define your impact assets using W3C state of the art standards, and deploy them in the smart cities using SmartB network

Leverage your legacy to enable the impact driven economy

Create, participate to impact protocol, certify third parties and deliver credentials

Green commuting app


Use Case

Last mile active delivery


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All Impact stakeholders can contribute and benefit from the value created on the network

Impact VC’s

Collect proof of assets to prove impact investment your portfolio


Use proof of impact to create a new impact driven economy aligned with your strategic development goals.

Impact bonds

development goals define KPIS and impact protocol, collect data and make impact investment on public project more easy

Tech for good startups

Produce impact assets to benefit new business model

Communities and governments

Create new inclusive economy dynamics based on positive impact

Smart city software editors

Add new values to your services and use the power of a trusted network to value your apps benefits.

IoT providers

Connect devices, provide trust by signing the data collected, provite trust through the network.

Cloud providers

Provide storage and respond to clients pricacy and traceability expectations.

Digital integrators

Become partner and include smartB technology to bring value to solutions you propose to your clients.

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