What is Smart B?

Smart B is an eco-blockchain network that holds a portfolio of data and impact measurements. Citizens gain insight on their data and can decide whom they give access to through their digital identities. The proofs of impacts created are in line with the SDGs and are made tangible by placing a monetary value on externalities.

We provide total transparency, all services are deployed using automated open source contracts that describe all transactions performed. The ecosystem of users, suppliers and local authorities decide what services are provided.

Through placing a tangible and measurable value on sustainable impact, we move to a new impact economy based on data generated in smart cities and value is equally distributed amongst all players, including citizens.

Why ?

Cities today, face the challenge of storing and utilising the data of citizens to develop thriving cities. There is a lot of data generated in smart cities through connected devices, and citizens currently do not have access to this data to co-create  their living environment due to privacy regulation. Smart B provides solutions for citizens to access their data and receive rewards for sustainable actions taken in line with the SDGs. This is done by utilising monitoring tools that are build upon proof of impacts. These proofs put a clear measurable and tangible impact on the investments made that lead us to the sustainable development of cities.

What do we provide?

We provide the tools to monitor the impact that is made by sustainable entrepreneurial citizens actions

By utilising and building the blockchain network as the technology at the service of the betterment of society.

To make this tangible, we define ‘proof of impact’ that places monetary value on actions taken towards a more sustainable and equitable city as defined by the SDGs.

We believe that technology is an essential lever that must be used to meet new urban and global challenges.

We focus on making a impact on a social level, by focusing on living better together. Cultural, by integrating cultural identity and placing economic value on it. Economically, by creating new ways of creating monetary value.
Ecologically, by measuring resource use. Resilience, by swiftly and effectively adapting to change and crisis.


Create your digital identity.
Access and use the digital wallet.
Gain control on your personal data and utilise citizen services.


Gain access to the smart city ecosystem.
Deploy your solutions in the smart city by creating new services for citizens and build new revenue models.


unlock new economic opportunities.
Access connected data and generate new value.


New investment opportunities at the pivotal time of the global growth of smart cities.


A proven method of bringing new services online or adapting existing services at a lower cost and within controlled time frames.


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