Enable long term innovation in sustainable city projects

We enable technical project facilitators to connect the added impact value of their projects with sustainable investing to improve their value proposition.

How ?

SmartB connect impact finance and sustainable city projects
by providing proof of impact assets
traceability and management, enabling the
Impact Driven Economy

A decentralized platform

to create and deploy digital projects for sustainable cities.

Governance & Inclusion

Stakeholders are known on smartB network and each service manage its users access on the network. Thus, the responsibility chain is always maintained.

Transparency & Security

SmartB platform include security management unsing cryptographic certificates to manage assets transactions between services providers and funds.

Ownership & GDPR

The Independent storage principle and verifiable credential protocol ensure that the data is kept in the most secure and relevant location.

Impact traceability

SmartB platform is designed to produce, collect, validate and value impact assets. The platform guaranteed full impact traceability to create new business models.

We provide you a set of opensource tools and resources to setup and run quickly sustainable projects

A network ready-to-use and an architecture that adapts to your needs

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