Impact finance

Scaling Impact Investing

Creating the level-playing field for the impact-driven economy

We enable you to incentivize the preservation of natural capital, actualization of human capital, improving social capital and initiate inclusive & sustainable financial growth

Natural capital

Natural capital

Environmental Resource depletion, damage and lack of natural regeneration

Human capital

Human capital

At risk due to pollution, lifestyle diseases such as obesity, lack of wellbeing

Social capital

Social capital

Increasing inequality, intolerance, segregation and polarization

Financial capital

Financial capital

at risk due to the capital system reaching its boundaries of exploitation 

We connect impact finance and smart & sustainable projects by providing proof of impact traceability and management enabling the Impact-Driven Economy

by connecting top-down impact frameworks with bottom-up grassroot data we bridge the gap in the data value chain. This is how we help scale impact and reach the 2030 SDGs

Current Impact measurement process 

We cannot manage or
improve what we do not

Mitigating impact investment risk by unlocking value in IOT data, increased insight & privacy by design.  

By collecting, aligning and harmonizing data we are able to unlock value through the synthesization of various data sources and create an verification process with the agreed protocols, leading to; proof of impact assets. 

Impact assets that enable investors to create new asset classes and impact verticals.

We provide the rigorous and comprehensive system that allows to gather and synchronize IOT data with the foundational layers of impact measurement and unlock value.

IDEM: Impact Driven Economy Measurement

investment risk

Real-time insight and understanding in the probability that a strategy or a company that will not successfully generate the non-financial returns that were agreed upon. (Greenwashing mitigation)

operational risk

By creating the impact-bonds on our network we allow real-time impact traceability to improve stakeholder management and decrease operational risk in impact projects


Have end-to-end capital allocation insight, that will automatically minimize all risk related to possible fraud, errors and vaporization of funds. This in turn will increase trust and improve the scalability of projects and results in better risk pricing

Automatize capital allocation

Through the predefined impact-protocols and smart contracts design, we enable automated capital allocation and impact verification this provides improved accuracy and a decrease operational costs

End-to-end impact measurement kit 

With a permissioned blockchain network developed specifically to service sustainable development projects and scale the impact-driven economy

Ensuring full data ownership, privacy by design and designed to be compatible to existing systems with API

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Inclusive Data Verified Profit & Loss Reporting

Data Verified Impact Asset Classes

Data Verified Carbon Offsetting

Data Verified Green Bonds 

    Contribute to the Impact Driven Economy