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Software editors, IoT solutions providers, AI experts: find the perfect opportunity for your existing Solutions and become an “Impact Enabler” on the SmartB Platform

Your role in the SmartB ecosystem

The impact protocols deployed on the SmartB ecosystem require solutions to capture, validate and store information. Become an “Impact Enabler” and leverage your existing solutions to create an impact driven business model.

Impact Enabler

The Impact Enabler provides Digital Asset Management tools which range from a wallet, to operational dashboards for impact campaigns. This also includes any tool that aims at providing an interface for actors taking part in an impact related projects. An “actor” on the SmartB platform could be a human, a process, as well as an agent used to collect data from IoT devices. In practice, every role (producer, validator or financer) on the SmartB platform will perform its tasks using a Digital Asset Management tool..

The Impact Enabler provides Independent Storage.
Independent Storages offer the possibility for any partner to leverage their available data centers, facilitating the integration of projects with pre-existing infrastructure. Additionally, the Independent storage system provides a unique opportunity for partners to become data providers on the platform, making the most of their existing data gathering operations.

Impact Enabler


You: The Impact Enabler

The Impact Enabler is a technological partner or an overseeing body which may or may not be directly involved in the Impact Protocols. An Impact Enabler is a provider of “Digital Asset Management” tools or “Independent Storage” or both. The Impact Enabler empowers the participants within the SmartB ecosystem to carry out their role (Producer, Validator or Financer).

In other words, the Producer, Validator and Financer are users of the Impact Enabler’s solution.

Other Actors

The Producer is the actor that makes use of the Enabler to create the initial proof that is used to create the digital asset. The Producer can be a human, a process or an IoT device. It is a critical element of the Impact Protocol, as it is the one to provide the grass-root data that feeds the data value chain.

The Validator’s role is to ensure that the data provided by the Producer is accurate and unique.
An Impact protocol can actually involve several validators. The validating process can also rely on cross-referencing data from several Producers and ensure that they all are consistent.

The Financer is the recipient of the validated asset. It is usually the entity which compensates the Producer and Validator or provides incentives for the Impact Protocol to operate properly. Also the consumer appears at the end of the Impact protocol, it is commonly the party that initiates the whole project.


Add new strong capabilities to your digital project developments :

Governance & Inclusion

All stakeholders providing services anf funding impact assets are known on smartB network. Each service manage its users access on the network. Thus, the responsibility chain is always maintained.

Transparency & Security

SmartB blockchain platform include security management unsing cryptographic certificates to manage assets transactions between services providers and funds.

Data ownership & GPDR

SmartB platform use independent storage access and verifiable credential protocols to keep datas stored in their production place and manage access rights through the blockchain. This allow GPDR compliance and and guarantees data ownership.

Return on impact traceability

SmartB platform is designed to produce, collect, validate and value impact assets. Providing full impact traceability allow th create new business models and even new project financing ressources.

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