Smart cities

When making a positive impact equals improved life standard in the city

Digitalization & technology enable the creation of applications that are designed to improve and motivate citizens social engagements and sustainable behaviors

The Sustainable Territory

“Mobilising technology to improve citizens’ quality of life and limit negative environmental and social impact..”

Societal changes


Need for transparency, to reduce social inequanlity and the urban/rural divide, citizen. Inclusion in decisions that impact daily life is also key to create a peacefull society.

Climate change


Ensuring a long-term sustainable urban environment that leaves room for biodiversity.

Economic shifts

Impact driven economy

Moving from a model of financing growth at all costs through debt to a sustainable economy based on Impact Finance

A concrete response to the economic, societal and environmental challenges of the sustainable territory.

We offer a platform to support sustainable territory projects by allowing the positive impact traceability of Citizen projects, in order to create an economy based on sustainability.

Accountable territory allowing for the necessary change

SmartB allowS to create proof of impact assets. This means that all the data is secured in our platform, users can safely store the tracking and tracing data on the blockchain this will be formed into a proof of the data existence without exposing the data. Through this verifiable, privacy by design proof you can avoid fraud, double counting errors and have insight into the entire value chain. Impact traceability enables new value distribution models such as the circular economy to scale for smart & sustainable cities because we can proof the added value of these projects.

Impact traceability process: SmartB created a set of tools and methodologies to convert positive actions into digital assets valuable for impact investors and funds. Our blockchain network includes and authorises all stakeholders to create, enable, validate and finance impact assets. Hereby you can fully automate pre-defined impact protocols using a unique smart contract design.

Impact Traceability Process

SmartB created a set of tools and methodology to convert positives actions into trusted impacts related digital assets valuable for imact funds.
Our blockchain include all the stakeolders to create, enable, validate and finance impact assets and automate impact protocols using a unique smart contract design.

A technical platform to develop quickly new cityzen projects

SmartB architecture is composed of several modules that can be used to produce any impact protocol, using existing referential (SDG, CSR, etc…) and developp or integrate quickly any applications producing positive impact on the community!

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A solution ready to use, designed to monitor your citizen projects impact investment and lifecycle.

IDEM is a dashboard that allows communities to define incentivization campaigns, create impact protocols, design and deploy applications linked to these protocols. These applications produce proof of impact and distribute value equitably to users. These incentives can be financial or service-based.

+ we have a set of solutions already developed for you and ready to deploy

You can also connect existing solutions and use impact protocols to provide new impact based financial models.

Commuting app

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Last mile active delivery


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